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Boost your creativity and drive innovation by doing this...

Feeling overwhelmed with product/service development, or just trying to bring a little innovation into your business?

Here’s something worth trying:

Use questions and prompts which incite curiosity and exploration.

What the hell am I talking about exactly?

Allow me to explain using an example:

“How might I make this (idea/service/ product) more…”

  • expensive / cheap

  • bright / dark

  • loud / quiet

  • funny / dry

  • complex / simple

  • emotional / rational

  • unique / similar

  • exciting / boring

  • colourful / dull

  • crazy / calm

  • focused / cluttered

  • futuristic / historical

Lean into one extreme as much as you can.

Dyson took a boring, everyday consumer-product and made it futuristic and expensive.

Red Bull made a drink that tastes terrible, served in a smaller can (relative to other non-alcoholic beverages) but spoke to an emotional need more than anything else.

Warby Parker took a traditionally expensive industry (run like a monopoly by a handful of corporations) and stream lined it. They went minimalist and cheap.

Design Pickle leveraged a subscription service business model in an industry which typically delivers services on a project-by-project basis.

For each of your ideas you come up with, ask yourself the follow question:

“What would have to be true for _________ to succeed?”

This question helps to identify the conditions that are necessary in order for such an idea to work.

Now the hard part:

Do this consistently for an hour without shooting your ideas down.

You need to be focused on staying open, and letting those creative juices flow.

The questions and prompt are designed to get you thinking in new ways which inspire and foster unique, creative solutions.

You’ll notice that you start to gain energy and feel better too!

Looking for a surefire way to feel like shit and kill innovation?

Do the opposite, which is sadly what most of us do.

We over think and quickly judge our ideas. We harshly criticize them, saying they are too crazy and stupid.

This is usually a result of trying to fit neatly into a box, comparing yourself to others, and/or being a perfectionist.

Stop grasping.

Let go to be free to endless possibilities.

You might just find that the remarkable occurs from something, which on its surface, seems irrational.

Venture well,

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