Discover your innate strengths

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dwelled on your shortcomings and weaknesses for too long.

*Waits for hands to go up*

You’re not alone.

This is a common tendency among most us, and although it can be used for benefit in the right doses, most of let this mindset pull us down.

  • Comparing yourself negatively to others.

  • Fixating on a costly mistake you made.

  • The poor self-talk that eats away from the inside.

It’s not really a great recipe for building resilience and thriving as an entrepreneur.

What if you tried something different?

What if you harness your natural strengths and let them guide your path?

Gallup, a global analytics firm, have provided groundbreaking insights into this domain.

Their research has consistently revealed that individuals who focus on their strengths are more likely to be engaged in their jobs, produce higher quality work, and boast better mental well-being.

One study spearheaded by Gallup demonstrated that teams focusing on strengths daily have 12.5% greater productivity.

Furthermore, people who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged in their work and three times more likely to report an excellent quality of life.

For entrepreneurs, this means harnessing strengths can not only drive business success but also foster personal well-being and resilience in the face of challenges.

Practice it

Today, shine a spotlight on your strengths. Merging your strengths with new learning can lead to innovative insights and actions.

Focusing on strengths doesn't mean neglecting areas of improvement. Instead, it's about maximizing potential, boosting well-being, and steering your entrepreneurial ship with confidence and clarity.

Strengths assessment: If you haven't already, consider taking a strengths-based assessment like the CliftonStrengths. If that's not feasible, sit quietly and reflect on times when you felt at your best. What were you doing? What skills or strengths were you employing?

Daily strengths log: For the next week, keep a journal. At the end of each day, jot down at least one instance where you employed one of your top strengths. Reflect on the outcomes and how it made you feel.

Fuse strengths with curiosity: As you explore a new topic of interest, consider how it intersects with your strengths. For instance, if one of your strengths is 'strategic thinking' and you're researching a new marketing trend, think about how you can apply your strategic mind to this new knowledge.

Engage in strengths conversations: Share your strengths with a colleague or team member and discuss how you've seen them come alive in your work. This can offer new perspectives and even uncover strengths you weren't aware of.

Strategize with strengths: Craft a plan for the coming month where you consciously integrate your strengths into your daily tasks or business decisions. Observe the impact it has on your productivity and mental well-being.

Checking in

In what areas of your business do you think your key strengths could make the most significant impact?


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