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Feeling meh and blah? Let's address that

You know that meh feeling you experience from time to time?

When you’re just kinda cruisin’ through life with some blend of ambivalence and apathy.

You might also call it blah 😑 

Well, turns out there’s an actual name for it:


When languishing, you might feel

  • a lack of focus and productivity

  • disinterest in your passions

  • just going through the motions of life

  • not really sure of what you should be doing

  • …meh or blah!

I often found myself living in this headspace when I was a solopreneur for about five years.

Whenever someone asked me how I was feeling, I could never quite put my finger on it.

I wasn’t depressed, but I wasn’t thriving.

I wasn’t unproductive, but I wasn’t dialed in.

The look I gave inside when someone asked me how I was doing. Meh.

It wasn’t until I read Adam Grant’s New York Times article on the concept of languishing that I had finally realized a label for what I was feeling. 

When it comes to mental health, we often think in these extremes (you’re either depressed or on top of the world), yet the human condition is made up of more than two bookend emotions holding empty space between them.

There’s a whole beautiful mess of emotion that resides in the middle.

Languishing might just be one you’re feeling today.

As an entrepreneur (and just a human in general) you’re going to be in this headspace a lot.

It’s crucial that you can address it, and know what you can do to keep focused on achieving your goals without letting things slip away.

Here are 5 strategies you can leverage to navigate those meh feelings throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Feel the feeling.

Realize you aren’t broken. You’re not supposed to be “thriving” 110 percent, 24/7. That’s an unrealistic standard. You also might not feel fully burnt out, which doesn’t automatically mean you’re firing on all cylinders.

Try to note when these feelings creep into your life. Are there certain environments, people, work, habits, etc that cause “the blah” to take over more prominently. Notice if there are any patterns that you can uncover so you can become more self-aware at addressing things early.

2. Stick to your core habits. 

Hobbies, exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc. Do your best to not let your fundamental habits slip. These not only give you a sense of control in your life, but also play a crucial role in keeping you healthy and on track with other aspects of your life beyond work.

3. Talk to someone.

When those blah feelings start to build, it can become easy to withdraw from others. I can’t count how many times where I initially felt like not wanting to talk to someone, only to have myself come out of the interaction with much more energy.

This uplifted energy can act as a springboard to continuing your project. Whether a family member, friend, colleague, or a therapist, just don’t wait until things are “bad” to reach out. 

4. Focus on less, better. 

Declutter your life. Immerse yourself in one or two things that you truly enjoy. When you dive deep into a couple of activities you like rather than trying to cram as much stuff into your day as possible, you feel a greater sense of accomplishment and inner peace. Doing many things with scattered attention is a great way to let those meh feelings linger.

5. Get into flow.

Building off the previous tip, the activities you do should be ones that fully absorb your attention. The ones where you feel like time flies and you’re being challenged just enough to keep you focuses, but not too much where you’re getting frustrated.

Checking in

What do those blah feelings tend to look and feel like in your life? Do you find that they creep in at specific points throughout the day/week?

Help the collective entrepreneur-sphere enhance their well-being.

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