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The key to productivity without burnout

Podcast Recommendation!

I have a great podcast to share with you that covers an important aspect of entrepreneurship.

That’s how to stay as productive as possible, without burning out.

The guest is Cal Newport, one of my favourite thought leaders on all things productivity, focus, and working effectively

Here are a few of the key tips I took away from the podcast, along with my additional thoughts.

  1. Focus on few things, better. When you go narrow and deep with your focus, you can produce higher quality work with less perceived exertion.

  2. Intensity is cyclical. Don’t expect that you’ll be able to put 100% max effort day in day out. There is a cyclical nature to our energy as humans. Pay attention to when you seem to easily dial into your work, and then allow yourself time where you can rest.

  3. Focus on quality. This means spending as much time as you can as being customer-centric, spending your time on solving very real problems, in uniquely meaningful ways. Learn from feedback. Don’t sacrifice quality because your work will speak for itself.

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